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Kia ora!

Welcome to the Starting In Te Reo Māori 30 Day Bootcamp!

I put this bootcamp together in response to the 100s of people reaching out through social media, saying they needed a more structured plan for learning.

I've filtered through the copious amounts of resources I've used on my reo learning journey, (some good, some bad) and put together a course based on the most efficient resources and learning methods available.

The course is designed to give you a solid foundation for your continued language learning journey. It basically covers everything I wish I had available when I first started.

Soooo many people fall off the wagon after they begin...this course is aimed to set you up correctly from the start to ensure you stay on track!

So, after 30 days...

Will you be speaking fluently? I doubt it.

Will you have the tools and knowledge to build a basic level of fluency within 12 months? Absolutely!

I've outlined EVERYTHING you need to know about the course below.

Enrolment numbers for the course are strictly limited and, as you'll see on the timer below, enrollments will close completely very soon.

If you're ready to make the commitment to learning, then get signed up below before it's too late!

Can't wait to see you inside!


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Amiria's Testimonial

Mark's Testimonial

Shanze's Testimonial



Introducing, the framework which forms the basis of learning through this course...


Speaking Te Reo from Day 1
We get you speaking from day 1.
Through spoken word, whether mistakes are made
or not, one learns the most about a language.


Practicing active listening
Passive listening does very little to serve your language learning. Active listening involves intentionally listening for familiarity, common
words and patterns.


Reading, seeing, understanding
Through reading, and as your vocabulary grows, words will begin to stand out, helping you to better understand context within a text.


Watching the way native speakers speak...
Watching the language allows you to pick up on the specific movement of the lips, see the body language and understand the little nuances of native speaking.


Writing is not just putting pen to paper...
It's building a result from the process; visualising patterns, noticing mistakes and decoding the language.



This course is delivered in a dedicated, streamlined, and easy-to-use online system. It combines the latest in digital learning and social tools in a distraction-free environment.

Learning Portal

Dedicated online course content delivery platform for your daily mahi.

Monitor your progress, mark-off completed items, and maintain a central repository for all of the course content.

Community Portal

Connect and interact with our brand new social app linked to the course. Just like Facebook, but without the distractions! 

Stay on the go with your group each day, and join weekly webinars with built-in video capabilities.

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Jono's Testimonial

Chris' Testimonial

Anza's Testimonial






"Your WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you"

Many people understand WHAT they do (in this case, learning te reo). They understand that they'll be learning new words, putting sentences together, reading, listening to music, speaking, etc.

This all relates to the specific actions required to achieve your desired outcomes.

Many people know HOW they do it (online, face-to-face, etc). You may be sitting in a classroom full of students for a day, or completing a tutorial on your daily commute to work.

This relates to the specific process used to achieve your desired outcomes.

But, very few realise WHY they do it.

Your why relates to your purpose for achieving your desired outcomes. When you understand your WHY, you have a solid foundation to support you through the tough times on your journey. It serves as a tool that you can reflect on and leverage to steer you back on course.

In the first part of the course, we dig deep to understand WHY you're on this journey. This involves developing your own "Why Statement". This is a single sentence which specifically defines your purpose of this journey.

Stuck on what a Why Statement might actually look like? Check out some examples below:

Whānau transformation through education
- Te Wānanga O Aotearoa

Our vision is for the Māori language to be valued, embraced and spoken by all
- Māori Television

To promote the well being of Māori women and their whānau through the spiritual, physical, social and economic development of the Māori people
- Māori Women's Welfare League

To significantly contribute to the long term survival of Māori culture through digital connection
- Starting In Te Reo Māori


"If you want to conquer fear, go out and get busy.
Don't sit at home and think about it"

Fear is one of the biggest aspects that hold people back when learning te reo.

When people get started in learning a a second language, they usually start by reading some books, listening to some audio and maybe even practicing some words to themselves.

But it can often stop there.

When it comes to actually conversing in the language, people tend to retreat.

They don't want to be heard, and they don't want to be seen...for one main reason...

The FEAR of Judgement

They don't want to be seen making mistakes - "What if I stuff this up?"

They don't want to be judged by a more experienced speaker - "What if say the wrong thing?"

They don't want to look bad - "What if I am judged?"

But don't worry, these aren't just fears that are unique to language learning. They are fears seen in the family unit, at work, on the sports field and in public.

So how do we overcome these fears?

"fear is a sign to do whatever it is you fear—and do it quickly"

Scared of making a mistake when you speak? Start speaking.

Scared of people hearing you speak? Start talking to others.

Scared of speaking in front of a group of people? Start talking on Facebook Live.

Scared of looking silly as a new language learner? START SPEAKING.

These are all actions you'll be required to undertake during the course.

Minimum Effective Dose

"The smallest dose that will produce the desired outcome. Anything beyond the MED is wasteful"

There are efficient and inefficient ways to learn a language.

The MED approach focuses on learning the absolute minimum needed to get you where you want to be.

So how is this achieved?

High Frequency Words

80% of results come from 20% of inputs.
The same goes for language learning. 80% of what we say is made up of 20% of available words.
By focusing on words that are of the highest frequency we can build a much larger vocabulary.

Language Replication

80% of results come from 20% of inputs
(yes this is worth repeating)
We also have high frequency phrases/conversations in our life that stem from our daily routine.
By replicating these conversations in to Te Reo Māori we are essentially learning what we already know, which gives a much greater context to what we are learning.

By focusing on the MED of te reo Māori, we can:

✅ Learn quicker
✅ Learn smarter
✅ Learn efficiently


"Accountability breeds Responsibility"

Have you ever started something and within a few weeks you've completely given up on it?

It's not an uncommon occurrence.

You know what I call people that habitually do this? Gunners

They're gunner do this...

They're gunner do that...

And what do they actually end up doing? Nothing!

So how do you stop yourself becoming another gunner?

One word - Accountability

So how do you become accountable?...

Accountability Partners

In a world-first in learning Te Reo Māori, students will be split into small Accountability Groups to learn from, through, and with each other. This is achieved through daily contact via text, voice, photos and video, across the course platforms.



With the proper strategy and daily action plan, your learning will be dramatically accelerated.


A new video lesson will be available each day. Each lesson will build on the previous lesson, and fit within the MED framework


Daily activities are required from students that align with the 5 Pillars of Language Learning.


Daily homework is required of each student. Homework will be by various methods that align with the 5 Pillars of Language Learning.



Jess' Testimonial

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Neville's Testimonial

Jess' Testimonial

Sue's Testimonial

Neville's Testimonial

"Anyone considering joining the course, nau mai haere mai...if it’s a challenge you're seeking, confidence building, structure, and most important of all, learning our reo, this is a safe place to learn"



We take you completely from A to Z...When we say this is the most
comprehensive beginners course in Te Reo, we mean it.



Every great structure needs pieces to be built...The great thing about this course is that you most likely have all the pieces already.


Reliable internet on, preferably, an unlimited data plan


You will need a smartphone, and preferably a laptop


You'll need to print off some documents (electronic files supplied with the course)


Students should allow around 1 hour per day for targeted lessons and learning



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Holly's Testimonial

Josh's Testimonial

Reirani's Testimonial



This Course Is For
Serious Action Takers Onlyand people that are ready to make Drastic Changes

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​✅ Serious Action Takers

✅ People that are stuck with where to start

✅ People that can't make face-to-face lessons

✅ People that want to teach their children

✅ People that can commit to learning

✅ People that are willing to push their limits


​❌ People that aren't serious

​❌ People that aren't committed to learning

​❌ People that will give up when it gets hard

​❌ People that aren't coachable

​❌ Time wasters

​❌ People that can't commit the time

​❌ Intermediate to Advanced reo speakers





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Hayley's Testimonial

Student Testimonial

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​✅ 30 Days Targeted Language Learning
✅ Intimate Online Learning Environment
✅ 5 Pillars Of Language Learning Framework
✅ Access From Anywhere (With Internet)
✅ Access At Any Time
✅ Use Existing Technology
Daily Lessons
Daily Activity Plans
Daily Homework
✅ Minimum Effective Dose Learning
✅ Accountability Partners
✅ Build New Friendships
✅ Understanding/Connecting With Your WHY
✅ Eliminating Your Fears



Ko Whanokao te maunga
Ko Mōtū te awa
Ko Whakaari te puia
Ko Apanui te tangata
Ko Te Whānau-ā-Apanui te iwi.
Ko Grant Whitbourne toku ingoa.
Whanokao is the mountain
Mōtū is the river
Whakaari is the volcano
Apanui is the ancestor
Te Whānau-ā-Apanui is the tribe.
My name is Grant.

Grant Whitbourne - Founder of Starting In Te Reo Māori

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Grant Whitbourne, and i'm the founder and creator of Starting In Te Reo Māori. An online initiative to ensure the long term survival of Te Reo Māori by helping to eliminate the confusion and overwhelm typically encountered by new language learners.

I was born and raised in Australia. However, you can trace my whakapapa back to the east coast to Te Whānau-a-Apanui.

Having not been brought up with te reo, my thirst for the language grew from a long felt disconnect from my Māori heritage. Upon the birth of my first child, I took the initiative to teach myself in order to pass the language onto my children.

I now pass this knowledge onto others through the Starting In Te Reo Māori kaupapa, and in particular supporting those that have taken a similar pathway to myself.



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Gloria's Testimonial

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